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Legalisation of documents

On 19th of September 2013, the Brussels convention of 1987 the Convention Abolishing the Legislation of Documents in the Member States of the EU came into force, which highly simplifies proceedings between Estonia and Denmark.

Since 19th of September, public documents that have been issued in Estonia and that are intended to be used in Denmark, do not need to be legalised or certified with an apostille certificate. Public documents that are issued in Denmark are acknowledged in Estonia without any further formalities.The convention applies also for previously issued public documents.

A public document according to the Brussels convention is:

  • a document, issued by a court or by an authority or person connected to court, e.g. public prosecutor, court official or bailiff (e.g. a copy of court judgment, extract from a registry);
  • administrative document (diploma, certificate, documentation, certified statement, acknowledgement);
  • a document of a notary or sworn translator;
  • original document, a notarised copy or a certified copy of an original, a print out or an extract of original document, which contains the signature, first name and surname as well as the position of the person who signed it, and also the original seal of the authority that has issued the document.


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