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Exhibition of setu-lace-patterned ceramics at the Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen

30.09.2010 - 31.12.2010

From September 30, 2010 the Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen exhibits Estonian ceramist Aili Palm’s ceramics, decorated with the patterns of the traditional setu lace.

Aili Palm started doing ceramics in 2004 and is known to use local and national patterns in her works.  Looking for a way to combine ceramics and textile, she started decorating her works with the patterns of traditional setu lace.

The exhibition at the embassy comprises plates, bowls, vases and other ceramics produced using different materials and techniques. All of them have been adorned with the patterns of setu lace. Beside the ceramics, photos of other works by Aili Palm are displayed.

Opening of the exhibition will take place on Thursday, 30 September 2010 18.00 – 20.00  Please inform us of your attendance by e-mailing to Embassy.Copenhagen@mfa.ee or calling on 39 46 30 70.

The exhibition of Aili Palms lace-patterned ceramics will be open to public on workdays between 12 and 16 until the beginning of 2011. The exhibited ceramics are for sale.


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