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Debate in Copenhagen University on 9th of September „25 years of the Baltic States’ upswing in partnership with Denmark“

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University of Copenhagen Centre for Modern European Studies (CEMES) in cooperation with the embassies of the  three Baltic states organised a debate in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the restoration of independence of the Baltic States, and to have an insight into the success stories of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania throughout the 25 years and to reassess and strengthen interrelation with  Denmark and the Baltic Sea area in general. Besides the three academic speakers from the Baltic States, the Danish representatives including the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen, took the floor at the debate. The opening remarks were said by Ambassador Märt Volmer and Professor Andres Kasekamp spoke about the European policy developments in the Baltics and Estonia during the period of 1991-2016. The audience asked several questions from the speakers and active communication continued later in the hall of the library.

You can read more about the speakers and organizers here: http://cemes.ku.dk/events/25-years-of-the-baltic-states-upswing/

Kristian Jensen (@Kristian_Jensen) tweeted at 0:18 PM on R, sept 09, 2016:
Celebrating diplomatic relations w #Balticstates 25 yrs. We must strengthen freetrade, security & cooperation #dkpol


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